One Arm Positions for Aerialists: A Practical Manual for Hanging Upside Down on One Arm

It's here friends, fans, and enemies, the long anticipated follow-up to the widely well received e-manual: The Fundamentals of Aerial Alignment! Be prepared to take your practice to the next level with One Arm Positions. In this manual, Shannon dissects the shoulder and back anatomy and breaks down the biomechanics of the popular positions meat hook and flag. The manual provides progressional positions, detailed cueing, and special sections dedicated to safety and spotting. It is available as an email file immediately after purchase and includes PICTURES and VIDEO of each position. Featuring insights with Dr. Jen Crane of Cirque Physio, One Arm Positions is a must have for every aerial studio and advanced aerial artist. This manual was designed for aerial silks and straps but the information is relevant for ALL aerial apparatus.

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